Research Grant Program
Toward the future where all people live with hope
the year 2020

We encourage the work of young social welfare researchers as well as practitioners in social welfare.

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Research Categories

1) Mind and health

Supports research using a psychosocial approach to help all ages to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Possible research topics:

  1. Clinical psychology
  2. Lifelong developmental psychology/Elderly psychology
  3. Dementia
  4. Developmental disorders
  5. Mood disorders
  6. Dependence
  7. Schizophrenia
  8. Stress disorders
  9. Grief and loss
  10. Social rehabilitation

2) Social work practices related to social inclusion

Supports practical research that seeks ways to help with social inclusion, research in fields where support systems have not yet been established, and research for solutions to social problems.

Possible research topics:

  1. Support for social minorities
  2. Support for the needy
  3. Social restoration
  4. Prevention of abuse
  5. Caregiving and nursing
  6. Support for disaster victims
  7. Support for foreign workers and foreign senior residents
  8. Support for education of foreigners
  9. School non-attendance
  10. Support for social withdrawal

3) Developing a positive welfare environment for the future

Supports research and implementation of innovative approaches to social welfare systems and mechanisms to fit the need of future society.

Possible research topics:

  1. Coordination of medical care, nursing and caregiving;
  2. Community-friendly society;
  3. Regional disaster prevention;
  4. Support system for disaster time;
  5. Creating one's belonging place;
  6. Sustainable community development;
  7. Diverse ways of working;
  8. Nurturing the next generation


1) Application Deadline

July 31, 2020 (All applications must be received by no later than 5:00 p.m. Japan time.)

2) Qualification (Must meet both qualifications below)

  1. Be engaged in research activities at a university, research laboratory, research institution, educational organization, or be working in the social welfare field.
  2. Be enrolled in or graduated from a master’s/doctoral course, or hold equivalent degrees or qualifications.
    Applicants who are enrolled in a master’s course, or are in their first half of a doctoral course must have their advisor apply. (Advisor’s name should be listed in the research members list on page 8 of the application form.) An advisor’s assistance is not required for applicants in their second half of a doctoral course.
  • In order to help more researchers, grants are limited to one per grantee.

3) Grant Period and Amount

Grant period is for one year, from November 2020 to October 2021. The maximum amount of grant is 1,000,000 yen per grantee. Actual amount of grant shall be determined based on assessment of proposal, including contents and scale.

4) Application Procedure

Please fill out the application and send it to our office via postal mail. (In order to avoid lost mail, confirmation service is recommended.)
Any submitted documents will not be returned. You are responsible for making your own copies.

  1. Please submit the application with the approval of your organization’s Ethics Committee.
  2. Application via e-mail or fax will not be accepted.
  3. Application must be printed on single side and do not use staples.
  4. Granted funds will be remitted to your bank account which must be in the applicant’s name. We can arrange the remittance to your research institution’s bank account only if they do not take an overhead fee or any indirect costs related to managing the funds.
  5. Application will not be accepted if applicant and the authorized signatory of affiliated institution or organization is the same person.

5) Usage of Grant

Grant should be used for Personnel Costs, Travel Expenses, Equipment, Commissioned Survey, Rental Fees, Meeting Expenses, Research Reference Literature, Printing Expenses, Correspondence Expenses, Supplies and Others.

  • You are required to submit all receipts of the expenses or billing statement to the Foundation with the final report.
  • Before you fill out a budget in detail concerning the usage of grant, please carefully review the list below; <List of Expense Items>; <Example of 3.1 Breakdown List for page 2 of APPLICATION FORM.>
  • You are not allowed to change any expenditure budget after your research project is selected.

List of Expense Items

1. Personnel CostsCompensation for the researcher cooperation outside of the party, and adjunct worker including documents rearranging and data counting.
*DO NOT include wage to the applicant and research group members.
2. Travel ExpensesDomestic and international travel expenses, activity costs, accommodation costs, meals, transportation and insurance fee.
*DO NOT include travel expenses for attending at a society, a lecture class and other meetings to present the research result.
3. EquipmentEquipment necessary for the study that cost more than 100,000 yen.
4. Commissioned SurveyExpenses of the outsourcing research and questionnaire survey and data analysis.
5. Rental FeesFees to rental facilities, equipment, computers and other devices.
6. Meeting ExpensesExpenses related to renting a room, food, snacks and beverage.
*DO NOT include expenses for hosting a conference and a symposium for the purpose of presenting the research result.
7. Research Reference LiteratureExpenses for buying such materials as books, papers, etc.
8. Printing ExpensesCost of printing survey sheets and photocopying materials.
*DO NOT include the cost of printing paper, report nor booklets of the research result.
9. Correspondence ExpensesCommunication cost, postal mail and delivery fee.
10. SuppliesStationary supplies and other equipment less than 100,000 yen.
11. OthersExpenses for translation and other costs which you can’t find the above items.
*DO NOT include any overhead costs by your research institution or organization, entrance fee to attend at a society, or a lecture class, English supervision costs, article processing charge of Research Result Paper.

Example of 3.1. Breakdown List for page 2 of APPLICATION FORM

6) Selection Procedure

Grantees will be selected by our selection committee and be approved by the Board of Directors. The results will be mailed to each applicant. Foundation will also officially announce the themes of the grant-awarded research projects. Foundation will not reply to any inquiries regarding the screening process, reasons for the selection, nor application reviews.

7) Announcement of Application Result

November 1, 2020

(Bank transfer of grant funds will be completed by late November)

8) Grantee’s obligation to receive the grant

  1. Those who receive a Univers research grant must submit a report on research result, by March 31, 2022 after the grant period is over. Detailed information will be sent later. Submitted research report will be published in the “Univers Foundation Research Grant Bulletin.”

  2. When the research result is to be announced publicly, grantee must submit a copy to the Foundation. Notation of “research funded by the Univers Foundation” shall be described in a research publication.

  3. To best fulfill the completion of the grant, we will contact you for a follow-up survey 3-5 years after completion of the grant period. We would like an update on the reporting, publication, or presentation of your research results, as well as the development or possibility of a new or related study.

9) Regarding Personal Information Protection

  1. Personal Information received on applicants shall be only used for screening procedures such as selecting grantees and mailing application-results letter.
  2. The Univers Foundation will officially announce grantees’ names, his/her position, organization, the title of research project and contents of researches to the public and academic information database.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our grant program.
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