Name of RepresentativeMohamed Meeran Ihjas
PositionDoctoral student
Name of Employer/OrganizationTokyo University of Foreign Studies
Grant Year2017

Research Theme

Access to Primary Education in the Context of Resettlement in War-torn Northern Sri Lanka


Being the basic right to each and every child, accessing quality primary education becomes increasingly challenging in civil war and post war situations alike. In particular, access to primary education becomes limited when state lacks proper plans and strategy toward resettling war displaced people even in their own place of birth following decades of stay at IDP camps. In Sri Lanka, the northern Muslims, among others, are the worst victims of civil war between the government and the LTTE and their vulnerability continues to remain even in the post war period. The poor plan and strategy of resettling those Muslim IDPs in their own birth place has contributed to the deprivation of their basic rights including right to good schooling. Disconnected from the neighbouring township, semi-militarization, limited and lack of sources of livelihood and unavailability of proper transport infrastructure and facilities are such important factors which has direct bearing on the level of access and enjoyment of decent schooling including primary education.