International Exchange and Human Resource Development

“South Korea-Japan Exchange of Hearts” Program
ーWorking together on the issue of aging society through the symposium and the seminar

  1. “South Korea-Japan Exchange of Hearts” Symposium
    In collaboration with the social welfare corporation “Kokoro-no-Kazoku” in Osaka, the Univers Foundation holds the symposium for specialists in the field of social welfare and for the public every year at alternating venue between S. Korea and Japan, by cooperation with Korean and Japanese social welfare agencies. With the participation of social welfare specialists from both countries, they discuss the expertise and role of the latest social welfare practices from an international perspective.

  2. Specialist Training and International Exchange Seminar
    The foundation conducts a week long seminar of “Specialist Training and International Exchange Seminar” which is opened for young specialists in welfare work and graduate students who seek to become specialists. About 10 candidates are dispatched to the symposium host venue. Through this seminar, they are able to consider welfare system, special features and issues of welfare of both countries and deepen exchanges with site visits at institutions which promote a progressive approach focusing on the field of the aged, children, and disabled, as well as attending a graduate school.

The foundation held the “South Korea-Japan Exchange of Hearts” Program in Seoul, Korea

On September 13 in 2013, the foundation held the “South Korea-Japan Exchange of Hearts” symposium under the theme of “Social welfare for the elderly and the role of a local government.” Also, The foundation conducted a week-long “Specialist Training and International Exchange Seminar” from September 8 to 15, and dispatched 8 Social workers and graduate students from Japan.

The symposium was held at Soongsil University in Seoul. At the venue of “Han Gyung-jik” memorial hall, about 300 welfare professionals and general public attended the symposium even in the rain.


Both of Korea and Japan have been facing rapid aging and very low birth rate, therefore both countries implement the long-term care insurance system for the purpose to socialize care services. In order to deal with the various needs of local elderly, there are several issues such as ensuring of the local government revenue and human resources in welfare, and networking. Problem-solving of elderly welfare accompanied with falling birth rate and the aging population becomes the most prominent concern in both countries. At this symposium, specialists in each country delivered speeches on how to seek the role of a local government in elderly care.


At the “Specialist Training and International Exchange Program” that was conducted during the same week of the symposium, the foundation aims to foster young specialists in welfare who lead the next generation in both Korea and Japan. Participants visited institutions which promote a progressive approach focusing on the field of the aged, children, and disabled. They had opportunities to listen to the experts and also attended classes in the graduate school to improve understanding of social situation and social welfare policy. With considering the daily welfare practice in Japan, they were stimulated with lots of new things through the seminar.